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Featured Stories: February/March 2016

The Whistling Bobwhite, Shoot, Stay & Style, Professional Angler Justin Morgan, Better Together and Everyone Has A Story To Tell

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Healthy Living

In each issue we bring you tips and advice on staying Healthy in the Heartland. From eating healthy to reducing stress and staying safe in the sun, we’ve got you covered!

Showcasing The Arts

The arts are an integral part of every community… in each issue of Heartland LIVING, we showcase local programs and places that support the arts!

Southern Chef Recipes: Layne Prescott

Layne Prescott, a fifth generation Floridian from a long line of great southern cooks, brings you simple southern comfort food. Layne’s regional specialties include guava cobbler, chicken & dumplings, and chicken & yellow rice. Each issue brings something new for you try in your home!

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