By Christy Swift
Photos Courtesy of The Springs

You know that feeling in the dead of summer when you jump into your pool and the water is so warm that it’s not refreshing at all, it just feels… wet? Well, that never happens in Florida’s natural springs! The water stays around 72 degrees year-round in the over 1,000 recognized natural springs across the state.

Florida has the most springs out of all 50 states and more than most countries in the world. Because of the large amounts of porous limestone near our underground aquifer system, water easily finds its way into the springs. Add to that the 59 inches of rain we get each year, and we end up with a unique geological and climatic combination that results in spring formation. Many springs are protected and located within our state parks. Let’s take a look at some of Florida’s hottest natural “cool spots” you might want to visit this summer.

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