By Rebecca Maglischo

A New Year is just around the corner and with 2021 arrives a “clean slate” of sorts. January is the perfect opportunity to make changes!

Become a big fan of the New Year’s Resolution.

Deep down, even if you aren’t into resolutions, you might be eyeing some things you’d like to change in your life. You might be replaying the last months or year and seeing some things that didn’t go the way you wanted. That’s a wonderful practice! If you aren’t taking a minute to look over the last year and assessing what you want to go differently, you might be missing the chance to fulfill some big dreams.

Every successful entity takes some time to crunch the numbers, assess the trajectory, and question the culture. We should, too. The trajectory of a life is set by millions of tiny little decisions that either pushed the line forward and up or sent things spinning in a new direction. The goal is to have more that are working for you, heading the right way. That’s how you improve! And while every decision doesn’t have to be perfect, every decision does matter. A new year is a perfect opportunity to set aside some time, consider the bullseye and set the course for success.

Create Focused Goals

We all want to “get healthier” or “save money” or “eat better.” You deserve a better goal, one that has actual benchmarks and a real action plan. You have to know where to aim to hit the bullseye. Break these big goals down into something achievable that can actually be reached.

  • I will incorporate some sort of exercise into 5 days of every week.
  • I will try one new healthy recipe each week to build my kitchen skills.
  • I will set aside $10 every single week.

Set a goal that relies on you, and you alone, to accomplish. Nothing big, nothing outlandish. Keep it doable and enjoy the fruits of your labor as they build into real change.

Fall in Love with the Process

When you take care of the process, the end results will take care of themselves. Turning your attention away from the actual goal and instead focusing on the tiny details creates a step by step appreciation for the outcome. It also drives momentum. You get to experience a million little successes and a million little learning opportunities. Regardless of the goal, the “getting there” is the real magic. The process is full of pitfalls and ugly moments. Whether it is bad workouts, failed outings with your family, party food all around you, or disastrous first attempts at new healthy recipes, become passionate about those million little details. Stack up the tiny successes and step over the little pitfalls. Rest in those moments and let the big picture come together beautifully on its own.

The Best Time to Do It is Right Now

Do it this week. Schedule some time with yourself or your significant other to talk through your current life. Where are you missing the mark? Where can you make a little shift towards a big vision? Write them down. Then, go enjoy the rest of your Holidays and don’t give it another thought until the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. Your plan will be in place and waiting for you!